Airport Operations DirectorApiradee Seedokbuab

Area of expertise:

  • Airport Passenger Processing
  • Airport Operations
  • Ground Handling Systems
  • Airport Systems Integration
  • Airport Systems Installation and Commissioning
  • Departure Control Systems
  • Airport Readiness Testing
  • Professional Training Management
  • Project Management and Project Planning


  • Master Degree in Communication Development (MCA), Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand.

Under Graduate:

  • Bachelor Degree in Arts, English (BA), Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand.

Apiradee has over 20 years experiences in Ground Handling Company for Aviation Industry. ‘TAGS’, the previous company, is one of the leaders Ground Handling Company at Bangkok International Airports. Among over hundred airlines operating into Thailand, 42 airlines were handled by this company. She was the key person who set up all Airport Systems concerning Passenger Services. She also was the Head Trainer who had more than 1,000 check in staffs as her trainees in different DCS Systems.

Since 2010, she was an Airport Automation Consultant of Lao Airlines and Lufthansa Thailand based in Thailand and has international experiences from working with many foreigner Airlines. Through her working period, she has been trained to be an Expert of Airlines’ Procedure and System and attended several Aviation conferences concerned in many countries around the world.

Apiradee is helping CNA Advance developing channel strategy and development plan in order to deliver Airport IT Solutions through corporate end user target segmentations. She joined CNA Advance in May 2010 as a Manager Passenger Processing Service. Recently, she holds the position of Airport Operation Director.